Wednesday, February 22, 2012

106th Tirunakshatram of Srimath Tirukkudanthai Andavan

Sreemathe RangaRamanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha
Please find attached 106th Tirunakshatra Patrika of Srimath Tirukkudanthai Andavan Sri Vedantha Ramanuja Mahadesikan This being celebrated in all our Ashramam locations. The main event will be in Chennai Ashramam. This is being done in the presence of

H.H.Sri RangaRamanuja Mahadesikan. Sri Paduka Vihara Viwat Sadas, the Annual function started by Srimath Tirukkudanthai Andavan is in its 5oth year, at which time several Ubhaya Vedantha Vidwans are likely to participate.

Ashramam and Sri Paduka Charities have issued appeals seeking financial support to offset the costs to be incurred on this occasion. We request each one you to send your " Yathaasakthi "contributions , either directly to Ashramam in Chennai. If you need tax exemption facility, the payments may be in the name of " Sri Paduka Charities ". Those who reside in USA/Canada, may send the payment and in the name of

" Sri Ramanuja Mission Inc." for full tax deduction in those countries. We have instructed already Sri Ramanuja Mission Inc. to mobilise funds and forward the same to Sri Paduka Charities.

R Srinivasan,
on behalf of Srirangam Srimath Andavan Ashramam

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Discourses by Sri Kalyanapuram Aravamudhachariar Swamy

Harikatha Kalakshepam by Kalaimamani U.Ve.Kalyanapuram Aravamudachariar Swamy

Subject of Harikatha
5.03.2012 to 11.03.2012
(7 Days)
Daily at 6.30 pm
Srimad Ramayanam
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
DB Road, R.S.Puram
24.03.2012 to 30.03.2012
(7 Days)
Daily at 6.30 pm
Srimad Ramayanam
Mylapore Fine Arts Club auditorium,
Musiri Subramanian Saalai, Mylapore Chennai
(programme organised by Sri Parthasarathy Sabha, Chennai)
(One day)
7.30 pm to 9 pm
Sri Rama Nama Prabhavam
Sri Krishnagana Sabha, T.Nagar,Chennai

Sevarthees & Rama Bhakthas are requested to make a note of the events, attend and receive the Blessings & Grace of Lord Rama.



Ashramam Calendar for Maasi month

Srirangam Srimath Andavan Ashramam Calendar for Kara Varusham, Maasi Month

Ashramam Panchanga Sangraham—Maasi Month, by Our Ashramam Srikaryam , Sri U. Ve. Vaduvur Veeravalli Desikachariar Swamy.

13/2/2012    Monday       Maasi 1, Maatha Pirappu

14/2/2012    Tuesday       Maasi 2, Ashtaka Sraadhdham

15/2/2012    Wednesday  Anvashtakaa Sraadhdham

18/2/2012    Saturday      Vaishnava Ekadasi, Srimath Kaadanthethi Andavan Kainkaryam

19/2/2012    Sunday        Sri Hayagreevar Homam at Sri Balaji Mandir, Dombivili, Maha Pradosham

20/2/2012    Monday       Sravana Vratham

21/2/2012    Tuesday       Sarva Amavasai

04/03/2012    Sunday      Sarva Ekadasi

05/03/2012   Monday     Maasi Pushyam Srimath Periandavan, Sri Srinivasa Mahadesikan Tirunakshatram

                                       Samashti Upanayanam at Chennai Andavan Ashramam premises, for poor brahmin boys.

08/03/2012   Thursday     Pournami

14/03/2012   Wednesday  Panguni Maasa Pirappu

29/02/2012 to 09/03/2012  Brahmothsavam at Sri Andal Sri Rangmannar Temple, Bangalore

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Poundarikapuram Asramam Sweekaaram function-- 30/01/2012

Sreemathe RangaRamanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha

In continuation to my earlier postings on the Poundarikapuram Asramam Sweekaaram function of Sri U Ve D Rajagopalachariar Swamy, I am now posting the youtube video clips taken on the morning of 30/01/2012 at the Ashramam premises in Srirangam.
Srikaryam  Dr. Anantha Narasimhachariar Swamy admirably conduted the proceedings. Everyone of the devotees assembled there were able to watch the sequence of events leading to Sanyasa Asramam of an Yathi. Please enjoy viewing as many of you could not have had an opportunity to be personally present on the occasion.This is a great event and I personally consider this as a bhaagyam in my life, as I missed to watch a similar one in earlier years.

During his short speech after taking over Sanyasa Asramam, he told that all the practices of His previous Acharyan Sri Gopala Desika Mahadesikan will be exactly followed and regular Kaalakshepams in the Asramam premises will be continued.

Following are the youtube links Poundarikapuram Asramam—30/01/2012—Asramam Sweekaaram by Sri U Ve D. Rajagopalachariar Swamy—Part 1 Poundarikapuram Asramam—30/01/2012—Asramam Sweekaaram by Sri U Ve D. Rajagopalachariar Swamy—Part 2 -- Poundarikapuram Asramam—30/01/2012—Asramam Sweekaaram by Sri U Ve D. Rajagopalachariar Swamy—Part 3
R Srinivasan