Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kanchipuram Andavan Ashramam News

Sreemathe RangaRamanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha
Recently Kanchipuram Andavan Ashramam has undergone big face lifts. A new Ashramam complex has come up replacing the old tiled structure. The new complex will henceforth receive DivyaDesa Perumals, when they come to Sri Rangaraja veedhi, during their uthsva purappadus.. In the new building Sri Vaikunta Natha perumal visited recently. Our Ashramam's target is to receive Sri Deva Perumal during his next visit to the road in which our Ashramam is located.

The other facelift activity is renovation of the old building in which there is a Venugopala Perumal Sannathi, Sri Therazhundur Andavan Brindavanam, Acharyan's padukas sannathi. All these are now fully rebuilt under the guidance and supervision of our Ashramam devotee and Trustee Sri K S Ramabadran, to whom Srimath Andavan entrusted Alwarpet Ashramam Perumal Koil as well as Velamur Rajagopurama and other works.

Srimath Andavan is fully satisfied with the completion of the work at Kanchipuram and has fixed 14th June,2012 forMaha Samprokshanam of Perumal Sannathi as well as Prokshnam of Acharyan renovated Brindavanam..The entire responsibility is entrusted to Sri Deva Perumal Sannathi Sri Rajam Bhattar. he has accepted Srimath Anadavn's niyamanam and has given the following schedule.

13/June/2012 Wed. 9 00 AM Acharya prarthanai --- Achryavaranam------Ankurarpanam----- Mrithsnkramanam ---

6 30 PM Yaagasaalai Pravesam---- kalasa Prathishtai----Raksha Bandanam---- Homam Poornahuthi---Veda Divya prabanda saathumurai

14/June/2012 Thurs 6 30 AM Viswaroopam--Yagasalai Homam Aarambam--- Maha Poornahuthi---Kumba Purappadu---Maha Samprokshanam---- Veda Divya Prabanda Sathumurai-- Ghoshti-

All devotees are welcome to attend and grace the occasion and get the blessings of Perumal and Acharyans.

R Srinivasan

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