Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Visit to Madurai Andavan Ashramam on 13th Sept.2012

Sreemathe RangaRamanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha

On the last Dwadasi day,13th Sept.2012, I had the opportunity to be in Andavan Ashramam's new facility near Azhagar Koil, Madurai to get theertha prasadams of Perumal, poorvachariar padukas and most importantly on that day prakirtam Srimath Andavan's Sripada Theertham.

I fully enjoyed the visit. The drive from Madurai was made via Tirmohur divyadesam first. There I enjoyed the seva with the courtesy of Archakar Sri Ramakrishnan, who beautifully covered the narrations in Perumal Sannathi, Thayaar Sannathi as well as the unique ( yes it is unique in every aspect ) Sri Chakrathazhwar. All of you must visit to get the blessings of Sri Kaalamega Perumal also called as Vazhithunai Perumal and Sri Chakrthazhwar.

After this the routing was through Sri Anamalai Yoga Narasimhar temple, which is well maintained and definitely a temple to be visited.

The road then leads to Azhagar Koil, which every one of are familiar.One unpleasant thing is that the koil authorities make us to walk a long distance from the vehicle parking space .In hot sun it is a bit difficult. However the visit to the temple is very pleasant. One thing which we notice is in all these temples, Sri Chakrathazhwar has separate sannathis.

Then finally we landed in a coconut grove. The drive from the main road was mde comfortable recently, by blacktopping upto Ashramam complex.There is a vaigai river canal. It would have been very pleasant, if there was water flow, but not now.. The total rural setting, cool breeze, sounds of Cows and calves in the front open space etc. Srimath Andavan has rightly accepted the request of the organising Committee in Madurai, under the leadership of the leading Advocate of Madurai, Sri Srinivasa Raghavan.

I really enjoyed the visit coupled with the bhagyam of being there on a Dwadasi day to have the Theertha Prasadams besides enjoying Paaranai on that day

Srimath Andavan could have enjoyed complete rest at thatplace in the company of dedicated Kainkaryabarars, plus cows and their


I have taken a few pictures and a small movie clip to present to you all the pleasant Ashramam complex. Please access them through the following links.

Only a few more days left, before H.h leaves for a vijaya Yathra of other divyadesams in the south, before reurning to Chennai. Sri Ranganatha Paduka Purattasi issue, gives the full Sancharam details

R Srinivasan

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