Friday, January 31, 2014

Today is Thai Vellikkizhamai and Sravanam- Villivakkam Koil function

Sreemathe RangaRamanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha
Today is very special day as two most auspiciuous functions coinside, they are Thy
( Thai) Vellikkizhamai and Sravanam( Tiruvonam ). One auaspicious from Padmavathi Thayaar point of view and the other from Sri Srinivasa Perumal. This occasion was very much apt for a celebration in perhaps the only Koil, where both Thaayaar and Perumal are installed Ashramam Temple situated in Villivakkam, Chennai. This temple is aptly named as Sri Padmavathi SAMETHA Sri Srinivasa Perumal Koil.On every Sravanam day special Tirumanjanam is arranged for both Perumal and Thaayaar together, which is rare site anywhere in the world, we can claim. This all due to the blessings of Srimath Andavan. This temple is very popular with the local residents, especially Srivaishnavites.and many devotees took part and got the blessings of both Perumal and Thaayaar to gether.
In the daily rituals, early morning starts with viwaroopam with a cow standing in front of Perumal sannathi. GP Puja is done along with visvaroopam everyday with many ladies attending the Aarathi at that time.
This is the temple where Sri Ramar with Anjaneyar, Sri Laksmi Varahar, Sri Lakshmi Nrismhar, Sri Laksmi Hayagreevar, Sri Kannan, Sri Chakrathazhwar, Sri Nammazhwar, Sri Ramanujar and Swamy Desikan are all installed and daily Aradanams are carried out and every time with acharyan's arulappadu,including for Prakirtam Andavan. Each day ends with Sayana Aaradanai
We hope that the above details will invite you all to make a visit to the Temple at your convenience. This temple is located in Tirumangalam Road, Villivakkam If any more information is needed, please send an e mail to or
R Srinivasan


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