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Meaning of Thanian (Reproduced from www.andavan.org)

Sreemathe RangaRamanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha

Thanian is a Tamil word . It means “Eulogistic  devotional    verse”  (praising the Glory of an individual Acharya )
ஏற்றி மனத்தெழில் ஞானவிளக்கை இருளனைத்தும்
மாற்றினவர்க்கு ஒரு கைம்மாறு மாயனும் கனகில்லான்
போற்றி உகப்பதுவும் புந்தியில் கொள்வதும் பொங்கு புகழ்
சாற்றி வளர்ப்பதும் சற்றல்லவோ நாம் பெற்றதற்கே- (அதிகார சங்ரஹம்-38)
Meaning  of the pasuram
“An Acharya dispels the darkness of the mind and enlightens us with knowledge. There is no way in which the sishyas can repay the Acharyan for his great help .Even   the God canot describe the right way to repay  his acharyan  for this great help.The only way sishyas can do  is to meditate on his acharyas glories and praise him. All these attempts of eulogizing  their acharya Will never compensate , for the abundant help that they received from their acharya”
 Tanian  represents  Our involvement ,  our sincerity, our duty, and our respect towards our Acharya.  Acharyas are many  And Tanians are also many. Depending upon the Acharya Parampara, tanians will also differ.There may be two tanians for the same Acharya depending upon   their  vaibhavam.A tanian may be small or big but have the same respect.The greatness of the Tanian can really be understood only by the those,  who have “ Acharya sambandham”.It is essential one should learn and recite the Tanian of his Acharya everyday and be blessed.
There are Tanians  for   Vedhantha  rahasya  granthAs  also.  Only  after  recitation of the Tanian, one can undergo the Vedhantha Kalalshepam of the Grantha .
In all Sri Vaishnava institutions like Srimath  Andavan Ashramam and Sri Ahobila mutt, Parakala mutt etc. Tanians of poorvacharyas are being recited everyday.
Srimad Andavan Thiruvadi
(Nagai ) P.Sreenivasan of Besant nagar

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