Saturday, July 16, 2011

Report from Sri Raghuveera Dayal on Chaturmasya Sankalpam in Therazhundur

dasasya vignaapanam.
Hope many of you would have enjoyed the photos taken at Therazhundur during the Chathurmasya sankalpa vruthaarambham yester day. This is in continuation of the report that adiyen sent this morning. It seems “remote” “inaccessible” are not in the dictionary of our Andavan Ashrama sishyas. Of late, there is an enthusiastic trend among our Ashrama sishyas. They simply overflow any big hall during the important events of the Ashramam and keeping that tradition, they came in very large numbers that the Therazhundur Ashramam hall, considerably a big one, was not enough to accommodate all of them inside the hall and hence, as usual, , theertha, prasatha ghoshti in the morning and thatheeyaaraadhanam has to be extended to outside the building also. They had come from far and near, from north to south and East to West of India. From 25 years aged young ones to those crossing their 90s were there. Such is the soulabhyam of our HH Srimad Andavan that attracts every body to be with him, to be Blessed by him on every occasion. After abhigamana paduka and Sri Venugopala thiruvaaraadhnam, HH performed mruthsangranam and left for thirumudi vilakkam. During that time, Sri upave sukabrummam swamy, sri Srinivasan swamy and Sri natteri Rajagopalacharyar swami delivered upanyasams . When HH returned, after pancha shanthi goshams, Divya desa malai mariyathais were offered to HH. Then, HH honoured Sri Rangachari swami, who offered his land for construction of the Therazhundur Ashramam, Sri Ramasundaram swamy, Therazhundur Ashramam in charge who dedicated for construction of this Ashramam and Sri Krishnan of Chrompet Chennai and Civil engineer who constructed the Ashramam building most satisfactorily. HH also honoured Shri Eyetex RR swamy, Sri Vasudevan swamy , secretary Paduka charities, Sri Thirukkurungudi Padmanaban swamy, sri Kasturi Rangan swamy, correspondent, Srirangam Srimad Andavan College and auditor Sri Venkatesan swamy, for their tireless and most dedicated kainkaryams to the Ashramam . A collection of vyakyanams on “Nyaya parisuddhi” was released by HH followed by his anugraha bhashanam.
You can view the videos in the following links. The upanyasam by Sri Natteri Rajagopalan swamy on the greatness of Therazhundur Andavan will be uploaded and informed this evening.
Since adiyen could not take a very advantageous position and had to cover from a corner only, the audio is not very perfect and hence adiyen may be excused.

You may view the videos in my youtube account

T. Raguveeradayal

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