Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Report on 23rd Chaturmasya Sankalpam of H.H. at Therazhundhur 15th July 2011

This post is courtesy of Sri Raghuveera Dayal.
Srimathe Sri RangaRamanuja Maha Desikaya nama:
adiyen dasasya vignaapanam.

adiyen is one among those bhagyasalis to attend the 23rd Chathurmasya sankalpam of HH Srimad Andavan at Therazundur. The sannivesam of the Ashramam at Therazundur is very wonderful and has to be experienced in person. It reminds us the description of Rishis kudils about which we have read in ithihasas. No doubt all the Andavan Ashramams all over the country are unique of their own. But Theazundur Ashramam is a very special one. As soon as you arrive there, you will be delighted by the captivating and enchanting atmosphere. The Ashramam is built just on the banks of the village tank . The atmosphere is a very serene one. Those who could not be present there on Sankalapam day must visit there during any of the sankalpam days to experience it personally. The trio, Sri jagannaathachar, Sri Chithrakutam Ranganathan and Sri Ramasundaram , Therazundur manager , deserve every kudos for this great kainkaryam. Photos taken are available on the link below. Enjoy Sri Bhoovaraha Murthy engraved on the leaf of the spade used by HH for mruthsangranam. adiyen is also very haappy to find that the whole atmosphere's effect on our Andavan. All along he was in a very joyous mood with instant humours of his own style. The anugrahana bhashanam and vidwans upanyasams videos will be posted next.

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