Saturday, December 31, 2011

T.Narsipur-- Sri Gunja Narasimha Swamy Temple- Message from SRI V K Rajagopalan

T.Narsipur - Sri Gunja Narasimha Swamy Temple

Gunja Narasimha Swamy is Udbhava murthy . The temple is more than 1000 years old. The river Cauvery , Kapila and gupta vahini flows. Hence it is It is known as Thirumalakoodu Narasipur (in short T.Narsipur). A washer man had a dream and Lord Lakshminnarasimhan appeared in dream and told that he is in a Ant hill and asked the washer man to take him out and build a temple for him. Then our washer man tells Lord that He is poor man who washes everybody's clothes and leads a contended life, and for building the temple he requires a huge amount of money. How he will construct the temple, For that our Karuna murthy tells that please go and look beneath the washing stone you will find the large amount of treasure. Then our washer man goes and lifts the stone and behold he gets a Hidden treasure. Then with that money as instructed by the perumal he builds a temple Garbhagudi, Then Swami asks what he wants in return for having built the temples. Then our Washer man tells in those days after taking birth as human being it is one life time ambition to visit Kashi. Then Swami tells this Kshetram will be known as Daskshina Kashi and the Puniya will be one Gunji ( a measurement in olden days) more than Uttara Kashi ( Since Swami told this Kshetram is having Puniya of One Gunji More hence he got the name GUNJA NARASIMHA SWAMI). How Ganga Yamuna And Saraswathi flows in North here in south at Thirumalakoodu Narasipur Kaveri Kapila and Spatika Sarovara flows and like Saraswathi in north Spatika Sarovara is Gupta Gamini the River which is in flowing in front of temple is Kapila it comes from Kerala, Then on the other side is Kaveri which comes from Tala Kaveri in the middle is Spatika Sarovara and since the river bed is closed the Idekam is Spatika Sarovara flows beneath and all the three river join here hence this is known as Thirumalakoodu. Then the Washer man asked for Moksha Pradhana , and since Lord Maha Vishnu is only giver of Moksha , the washer man get it. In the Nelapadi of Main Sacred Santorum the figure of Washer man and his wife is carved because he prayed Sriman Narayana that all the Bhaktha s legs dust should fall on him. Then later on the Mogur Pallegara did Perumal Kainkaryam. Then Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar built Praharam etc.

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