Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fully furnished newly built residential flat near Sri Deva Perumal sannathi is for sale

Owning a residential Apartment in Kanchipuram, near Sri Deva Perumal Sannathi will be a great blessing , as it provides immense opportunities to witness the various uthsavams being celebrated in this temple as well as other temples in the vicinity. Being a resident of Chennai, I have the Perumal anugraham to own a residential flat in that place, which I really enjoy during every visit. Independent houses are almost prohibitive in cost and for casual visitors , that may not work out economically. Residential flats are more affordable, but in places near the temple or in the Maada veethi itself, not many flats are being promoted.
A very decent Contractor has built up a complex in the street adjacent to the main maada veedhi of Sri Deva Perumal Temple. This new complex is located in Brindhavan street. This is a 8 apartment complex, architect designed and only the last one is remaing to be sold. This is a 950 sq.ft , two bedroom fully furnished flat with covered indepedent car park. Cup boards are all closed and provided with modular kitchen. You can just move in without any extra work. Electricity is with 3 phase supply. The builder is an experienced one and has taken care to attend all details. Power , water and drainage charges are all paid. The final cost to which he would like to sell it of is Rs 32 lakhs, inclusive of all costs , including registration. There is pucca municipal drainage system and hence no problems with septic tank issues.
The flat is very near to Deva Perumal Temple, just a walking distance, surrounded by houses of all vedic pundits, just opposite to Srimath Kozhiyaalam Swamy complex as well as Srimath Andavan Ashramam
Kanchipuram is becoming a most soft after residential area, for those working in the Sriperumbudur, Sunkuvarchatram, Cheyyar and Oragadam industrial belts.
This will be a good investment opportunity, particularly for those attarcted to Sri Deva perumal and other divya desams around that place.
If any of you is interested please let me know, so that i can put you in contact with the builder directly. The offer which he is making is for the last one left out and that is the best price, he is giving.
R Srinivasan

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  1. Sir...I am interested. Can you give me your phone number and I will contact you. My number is 9900355788.

    Murali A V