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Srimath Periandavan Tirunakshatram- Maasi Pushyam- 5th March,2012

Srimath Periandavan (Srimath Srinivasa Mahadesikan)
 Thirunakshatram: Masi – Pushyam


 Sri rangesha padhe samarpitha Bharam sruthyantha ramanuja

 Sri yogeendra guruththamena yaminash sruththyantha vidhyathmana:

 PrAptha sruthya vathamsa yughma hrudhayam Srivasa ramanujath

 Sri Srivasa muneendra desika manim sreyo nidhim samsraye

 Thirutthuraipoondi Andavan gave sanyasam to Sri
 Srinivasaraghavachariar Swami who went on to become one of
 illustrious Acharyas of Munitraya Sampradayam, and unparalled among
 His contemporaries. This mahan later came to be known as the famous
 Srimath Periandavan.

 SrinivasaRaghavan was born on 25.2.1801 in the year Roudri (Masi-
 pushyam) in a village called Piliyaranai near Kanchipuram. At a
 tender age of 10, he mastered rendering of Sama Veda learnt from his
 father, Sri Krishnamachariar which was considered to be an invaluable
 wealth in his family traditions.

 Sri Krishnamachariar was extremely pleased with his son's progress
 and took the young boy back to Kanchi . There, SrinivasaRaghavan
 learnt Nyaya – Meemamsa- Vyakarana Sastras under the tutelage of
 great scholars. Thereafter he went to Srirangam to see Srirangam
 Swami (Srimath Vazhutoor Andavan) and prayed for Saranagathi.
 Srimath Andavan , performed Atma samarpanam ( saranagathi) to him in
 front of Lord Sri Ranganatha's sannidhi.

 He went to Srirangam Swami and prayed to him that Swami perform
 kalakshepams to him on sampradayic granthams.. Thirutthuraipoondi
 Andavan took Agnya from Swami in carrying out this holy task and
 performed kalakshepams to Srinivasaraghavan on Grantha
 chatushtayam,Rahasyams and Rahasyarthas.

 SrinivasaRaghavan gained exemplary knowledge in all that learnt from
 his Acharya. After some time, he prayed to Srimath Thirutthuraipoondi
 Andavan for the Dureeyasramam. As his near and dear objected to this,
 Srimath Andavan also felt that SrinivasaRaghavan be a gruhasta for
 some more time before taking up sanyAs and blessed him to go back to

 In His gruhastasrama, SrinivasaraghavswAmi was blessed with a girl
 and He immediately felt that He had fulfilled his duties as a
 gruhasta. When Srinivasaraghavan swami went to Srirangam and prayed
 with thirutthuraipoondi Andavan for sanyasa, Swami tested Him in
 various ways to see whether He was ready to take up sanyasa .
 After getting convinced, Swami granted sanyasam to Srimath
 Periandavan and he was given the title "Srinivasa maha desikan".
 Since this mahan was so popular among his sishyas and admirers alike,
 he was fondly called as periandavan. For a long time he was residing
 in Srirangam . In a month, He would go to devout and pious
 Srivaishnava bhagavathas' thiru maligai on selected seven to eight
 days for unccha Vritthi . He would take the grains to the banks of
 Coleroon river, wash them in the river water, cook them and eat the
 bhagavath prasadham along with thulasi leaves. On other days, he used
 to powder the dry leaves fallen from the Holy Fig tree and consume
 the same. Such was his Vairaghyam.

 Sishya paramapara:- He remained deeply dedicated to the sampradayam
 and placed Srimad Andavan sampradayam on a firm footing and as a
 beacon light to thirsty aspirants. Upon Lord Ranganatha's command to
 take disciples, and disseminate and propagate the Philosophy, several
 persons became His Disciples, and became erudite scholars and
 preceptors. Some of them were

 1) Thirupputkuzhi Appa 2) Mannargudi Gopalanna 3) Vyakaranam
 Rangachariar 4) Meemisal Narasimhachariar 5) Chinnamu Rangachariar 6)
 Thirunelveli Gopalasamudram Narayanachariar 7) Shamala Chakravarthi
 and 8) Purisai Nadathur Rangachariar.

 Sri Srinivasa Raghavachariar's (Periandavan's) asrama sweekaram took
 place around 1828. He observed Chathurmasyams for 55 years and he
 adorned thirunadu in subhanu varusham thai masam - krishna
 thrayodhasi thithi(1884-Jan-Feb)


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