Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Video links for Tirunakshtram function of Srimath Tirukkudanthai Andavan

Sreemathe RangaRamanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha
Please find the youtube video links for the 106th Tirunakshtra function of Srimath Tirukkudanthai Andavan held at Chennai Ashramam. These links have already appeared in the yahoogroups mails. I have now consolidated all the links, so that you can store and access whenever you have time to watch.

The credit for all these goes to our Ashramam devotee and yahoo group member Sri Ramesh Ramanujam, who has flown all the way from Dubai with all his latest gadgets and had all the patience to be in front of the function area to cover the whole event. Not only this, but taken all efforts to put them in a movie format in youtube, for the benefit of all of us. Another good news is that he is planning to do a similar exercise for the forthcoming Vaikasi Tiruvadirai Tirunakshtarm fiunction of Prakirtham Andavan also. All our fellow group members must be thankful to him for this service .


R Srinivasan


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