Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kanchipuram Andavan Ashramam report

Sreemathe RangaRamanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha
Kanchipuram is in Srimath Andavan's thoughts always. Yes, a new Ashramam building has come up, with attached Veda patasalai, Perumal and Achryan Sannathis at Ashramam complex are renovated, entire Ashramam building in the old are is fully repaired, Additional facilities are provided in Apara and Sradha karyam areas.

All of you know already, with the blessings of H H. the Saalakkinaru area was spruced with a new compound wall, Kinaru itself was desilted and replastered, a dedicated person was nominated to bring Saalakkinaru theertham everyday on his shoulders by walk of 7 KMs to Sri Deva perumal Tiruvaaraadanam.
After all these, Swamy Desikan Adiyars made a request for a new silver bell for Swamy Desikan sannathi at Sri Deva Perumal Temple.This was also done now by an Ashramam sishya, who was particular in presenting it on behalf of H H Srimushnam Andavan . Thsi silver bell with inscription of H H Srimushnam Andavan was presented to H H first in Chennai ashramam, then was carried to Sri Deva perumal Temple on Kadai Velli day, presented to Sri Perundevi Thayar  and with Her anugraham, the bell was carried to Swamy Desikan sannathi on Chithirai- Sravanam day,12/05/2012 and presented to Swamy Desikan by Aaraadakar Srivathsan.

At that time I was told thatin Sri Deva Perumal Sannathi, ther is a silver bell presented by Srimath Therazhundur Andavan. We now have a similar silver bell with Srimushanm andavan's name inscribed in Swamy Desikan sannathi in Sri Deva Perumal Temple. This is another landmark in our Ashramam's history.
The silver bell presentation ceremony, I have taken small video clip and giving you the you tube link of that for you to enjoy
I have a few more to add about our Ashramam activity in Kanchipuram, which I will do it in the next posting. I now give the youtube links of the events happened in Kanchipuram on 11th and 12 may 2012
R Srinivasan

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