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Tirukkurugudi-- Kaisiga Ekadasi

Sreemathe RangaRamanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha

Tirukkurungudi and its Nambi Perumal Sannathi are very much associated with Kaisga Puranam, as its patanam was done there originally, on Kaisiga Ekadasi day. This year this came on 24th November. This has been a day and night long function. Perumal Tirumanjanam was carried out during the day. Then the evening functions with dance recitals by a professional dance troup headed by Smt. Anita Ratnam. The whole programme was well organised and peole in hundreds watched the whole show. To enjoy the whole event, you must know about kaisiga Puranam to some extent about the stories of Perumal and Nambaduvan. I just enjoyed viewing the whole events and took some movie clips, which I am attaching with this mail. I would appreciate , on seeing the movies, if any of our learned members can provide the naration.

Tirukkurugudi is very much associated with Sri Ramanujar and there is a story behind Vatta paarai, which tells about t5hat Sri Ramanujar is carrying out Pancha Samaskaram for Perumal Himself, who has come there in the guise of Vaduka Nambi, sishya of Sri Ramanujar. You may see in the movie clips taken at the site.

One thing what I noticed is enormity of stone carved sculptures all over this Temple Mandapams and I have taken a small coverage of those beautiful images, which can be seen in Nava Tirupathi temples also. They areally amazing and wondered the skill of those artisans and also the technicians, who erected those tall pillars ansd roofs.

Tirumalai Nambi Tirukkoil, which is up the hills of a really very rough terrain, which several Mahindra Jeeps take you there. The travel can termed in the one of the worst ghat sections to negotiate and I really appreciate the skill of the drivers, who are driving the Jeep vehicles boulders after boulders. I would advice that week hearted people think twice before using those jeep rides. If you have strength, you may climb up by foot a distance of about 3 to 4 Kilo metres.It is in a Tiger reserve forest area and you can only during day time.

There is another Nambi temple in the village , called Tirupparkadal Nambi

Tirukkurunkudi is the place where SriTirumangai Azhwar attained Paramapadam and his Brindavanam also called Thiruvarasu is in the outskirts of the village.

In the last, we have to tell about famous son of the soil Sri T V Sundaram Iyengar. He originated from this place and the letter T denotes this place. Even now, TVS family have their residences here, properly mainatained.

We have to appreciate the services of TVS family members, led by Sri Venu Srinivasan, who has taken care to mainteanace of the whole Temple in a professional way, in coordination with the Jeer Mutt. The same is said about Nava Tirupathi Temples. TVS family Trust has an office cum facilities centre at this place,to take care of day to day matters.

I have given some insight into Tirukkurungudi Temple. I welcome our members to persue with posting all other interesting details. In the meanwhile please enjoy viewing the you movie clips taken on the Kaiga ekadsi day, 24th November, 2012.

Tirukkurungudi Kaisiga Ekadasi Youtube links
Perumal Purappadu to Ekadsi Mandapam
Dance drama in front of Perumal sannathi
Another part of dance programmes organised by Smt. Anita Ratnam troupe
Tirukkurungudi Street views
Tirukkurungudi Swamy Desikan Sannathi , Andavan Ashramam &Ahobila Mutt
Tirukkurungudi Sri Ramanujar Sannathi and the famous Vattapparai
Tirkkurungudi Malai mel Nambi Temple
Vaanamaamalai Temple views
R Srinivasan

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