Tuesday, March 19, 2013

107th Tirunakshatram of Srimath Tirukkudanthai Andavan

107th Tirunakshatram of Srimath Tirukkudanthai Andavan

Sreemathe RangaRamanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha
Panguni Pushya Mahothsavam, Srimath Tirukkudanthai Andavan's 107th Tirunakshtram has started in Chennai Ashramam with Veda , Prabanda, Ithihaasa,Purana and Paduka Sahasra Paarayanams from 18th March, 2013. Actual date of Panguni Pushyam is on 22nd March, 2013 Friday. Our Ashramam invites all devotees and well wishers to make it convenient to attend on all the days and particularly on the Tirunakshatram day, when Peria Saathumurai, Theertha Prsaadams,Divyadesa Maalai Mariyaadais, honouring of Vidwans, release of new books and Thadheeyaaraadanam will be held.

Our Ashramam and Sri Paduka Charities are making every effort to celebrate this on a grand scale, at an estimated expenditure of Rs 35 lakhs, including a donation of 2.5 lakhs to Sankara Nethralaya. This much amount is collected by voluntary donations from many of you. If you have done it so far, it is time to do so now, which will be very much welcomed. Please find the two attachments for more details.


R Srinivasan

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