Monday, March 18, 2013

Villivakkam Koil Mandalabisheka Poorthi Report

Sreemathe RangaRamanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha
Withe blessings of His Holiness Srimad Andavan, 48days Mandalabisheka Poorthi at Sri Padmavathi Sametha Sri Srinivasa Perumal Koil of Andavan Ashramam at Villivakkam, Chennai was successfully done on 17th March, 2013.

The whole programme started at 6 00 AM, with a cow arriving at the Temple entrance and very much enthusiastically devotees doing Cow Puja . Thereafter Visvaroopam with the cow showing Thaayar at its back to Perumal looking at a distance during Viswaroopa deeparaadanai . Many devotees ath that early morning had darshan of Lord Srinivasa and Sri padmavathi Thaayar together and got the blessings. It is really a great ste like this done for the entire Manadalabisheka Period, whic will continue regularly. Please enjoy looking at the photograpahs taken on that occasion.

Besides you can enjoy viewing pictures of Madalabisheka Homam, Poornahuthi, 49 kalasa tirumnjanam. After Tirumanjanam, Sathumurai, theertah prasadam and ghoshti. Several devotees enthusiastically participated , in the proceedings conducted by Sru U Ve ( Dr.) Yamaunachariar Swamy and ably supported by Ashramam kainkaryabarars. All people received varieties of prasadams and received the blessings of Perumal, Thaayyar , Sri Kannan,Sri Andal, Sri Ramar, Sri Laksmu Hayagreevar, Sri Lakshmi Nrisimhar, Sri Lakshmi Varahar, Sri Chakrathazhwar, Sri Anjaneyar, Swamy Namazhwar, Sri Ramanujar and Swamy Desikan. All these vigrahams are installes in nthis small temple having a total area of half a ground ( 1200 sq.ft) only.


R Srinivasan.

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