Monday, August 22, 2011

Ancient Sri Santhana Venugopalan Temple near Sholinghur Divya Desam

Today being Sri Jayanthi, from my album, I picked up this beautiful image of Sri Santhana Venugopala Perumal with ubhaya Nachimaars..This temple is located at a distance of 10KMs from Sholinghur Divyadesam, on way to Tiruttani. The beauty of this Moolavar idol is that the whole vigraham and its Prabhai also the cow licking the Thirupaadam of Perumal are carved out of a single stone. Sri Venugopalan is playing His flute majestically.It is great work by the Sthapathi. The vigraham will be about 4  feet tall. This is an ancient temple some centuries old and has been renovated with the assistance of Srimath Andavan Swamigal. Another main point is that this is Vadakalai Sampradayam Sannathi Swami Desikan vigraham is installed there. Whenever you visit Sholinghur divyadesam, please find time to go to this temple and enjoy the beauty of this charming Sri Venugopalan, in the company of Swamy Desikan. This is an abhimana sthalam of our Acharyan, Sri Ranga Ramanuja Mahadesikan

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  1. Srimathey Ranga Raamanuja Maha Dhesikaya Nama
    Adiyen Dasan
    Thanks Swamin for posting this picture and giving a very valuable information on this temple..

    Rama Krishna